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Sviluppatore PANDORA.TV

Time can fly only by watching great videos in the world~ Enjoy your life with PandoraTV right now! PandoraTV is back with upgraded user-friendlier features! Baam!
[Auto play feature is fundamental to PandoraTV!]The auto play feature is never changed! Enjoy the viral video much faster!Watch it in full-screen mode! Watch it the related videos together with a simple touch of a finger!
[Show you various contents in one spot!]So addictive! Animation Even a professional complainer smiles! Entertainment ShowNo more crying babies! Kids video!HOT!HOT!HOT K-pop groups! Fan cam video! Wanna be pretty! Fashion & Beauty videoTrendy, magazine-like! Music VideoCooking is nothing! Cooking video,So lit & so hip! Contents from creative MCN and individual creator!You can enjoy them all !
[Videos of your following channel at a glance!]The latest video of your favorite channel is immediately updated!No need to search ! Just one simple touch of a finger needed!
[My super convenient playlist!]Create your playlist easily thanks to “added” button everywhere! Enjoy your own playlist ! Like this! Like this!
[Note]1. Accessing with mobile network(3G/LTE) may cause costs from data usage due to an auto play. 2. Auto play options can be changed in Settings. 3. The application is supported only Android 4.1(Jellybean) or later. Thank you for your understanding
[Contact us]If you have any questions or comments while using the app, please contact us via